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Last year, I joined Well as Transformation Director and started on our mission of building the best prescription experience in the UK.

I’m lucky to have an amazing team at Well who are focused on delivering this for our customers.

Today, we're on the lookout for more people to join our team to build the UK's leading digital pharmacy service.

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Keeping teams safe

There's lots of theory about what makes a great team and I’m not aiming to give my views on this. But some things really do matter to me when it comes to my team.

Chris at our leaders conference

My job isn’t to tell people what to do or even to have all the ideas - although I do like to poke my nose in once in a while!  

Actually, my role is to create the right environment for the team to succeed.

This is especially important when things aren't working. It's important to be patient and give teams the time to understand why, so they can improve and make it better next time.

In essence this is growth mindset, something that is becoming much better understood. Last year Matthew Syed spoke to our top leaders at Well about this.

Even my 6 year old daughter reminds me that even when you don’t get things right, if you keep trying then one day you will.

If teams feel safe to give things a go knowing that whatever the outcome they’ll have your support, then I’m confident you’ll get the very best out of them.

You’ve got to give a sh*t

The thing that matters most to me when I look at someone’s potential, performance and fit within the team is how much they care about what we’re trying to do.

I can work with and support a lack of experience or capability but if you don’t give a sh*t, then for me you you’re just not going to cut.

Transformation is hard but what we’re trying to do at Well is awesome. If this doesn't get you out of bed in the morning then I’m not sure what will.

Some of our team celebrating the 1st birthday of Well Digital

Join us

So you may be asking why am I ranting on about all this. The simple answer is because as a team we’re still growing. Our ambitions mean we need more great people to make it all happen.

We’ve been very open about what we’re doing at Well. For the past year our focus has been on two things:

  1. Setting a clear direction for the company. We did a strategic review of our whole business, and we've now got a really clear, exciting and focused mission. Our CEO John wrote about it on this blog last month.
  2. Starting to make a difference. While we've been working on our strategy, we've not been waiting around. We've been making our IT better, launched the UK's first Viagra subscription business and starting testing our app for NHS prescriptions.

Now we're scaling up our efforts. There’s still loads do and whilst we’re over year into the journey, we’re very much at the beginning of the transformation.

So get in touch and come and see us. We'd love to chat.

Work for us: check out our vacancies

Chris Ellett

Chris Ellett

Slightly demanding but super enthusiastic Transformation Director who has a mild obsession for wearing Lycra and doing crazy endurance events. Trying to change the world of pharmacy one step at a time

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We're hiring
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