Well Pharmacy just landed in the App Store

We’re really excited to announce that our NHS prescription delivery service is now in public beta.

Over the past few months, customers have been testing our preview service.

We’ve had great feedback, and that has helped us to improve and refine the service.

Our brilliant team of pharmacists, designers and software engineers have been hard at work to build a service that takes the hassle out of prescriptions.

Sign up now

Anyone with an iPhone can now download the Well Pharmacy app from the App Store. If you're on the waiting list, we'll let you know when we're ready for you.

Once you're signed up, all you need to do is let us know what medicines you take. We'll then work with your NHS GP to sort out your prescription and deliver it to you for free.

What does beta mean?

Many of the same caveats still apply to our public beta as they did to our preview service, although we have made some huge improvements over the last few months.

Right now, we're only on iPhone and won't be suitable if you take strong painkillers or medicines that need to be refrigerated.

From day one, our philosophy has always been to focus on making something people want. To achieve that, we’re committed to launching early to see how people react, before improving the service based on that feedback.

We've got lots of exciting plans, but which things we build first is really up to you. Your feedback is really valuable to us so please get in touch via the app, email or on Twitter.

Well Pharmacy just landed in the App Store
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