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We’re building a better pharmacy

Here’s how you can help.


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Over the past few months we’ve been building a new kind of pharmacy. One built around you, that lives in your smartphone.

We’re building this from the ground up to be the kind of service that patients expect. It’s:

Simple: NHS prescriptions without the hassle
Free: our service is free and works with your NHS GP
Smart: easily track and re-order your medicines
Fast: quick, free delivery of prescriptions to your door
Trusted: NHS-approved pharmacy with over 760 stores across the UK
Caring: world-class customer service from our expert pharmacists

We want to build this pharmacy with our customers, so we’re inviting you to help us test it. It’s early days, but this is your chance to get early access to our new service and shape how it works.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve talked before about bringing pharmacy into the digital age. In a world where we’re used to Amazon and Netflix, pharmacy is seriously lagging behind.

One patient we spoke to told us that “pharmacies and GPs are the two places where you know you just have to wait”.

Here at Well, we don’t think that’s good enough.

The solution isn’t to simply move what we do today in pharmacies online. Others have tried that, and it’s not made a difference.

We’ve not got all the answers but we are working with patients, pharmacists and GPs to get this right. That’s why we’re opening up this preview service for early testing with a small number of customers.

What do I get?

We’ll give you access to the Well iPhone app and deliver your NHS prescriptions to your door for free.

You’ll be able to order repeat prescriptions through the app and we’ll work with your normal GP to get these (and any one-off prescriptions) delivered to you. Our pharmacists will be on hand to answer any questions you have and sort out any issues.

We’ll be pushing out new updates regularly as we build new features based on your feedback.

Will it work for me?

We’re keen to hear from anyone who wants a better pharmacy.

However, this preview service will only be suitable if:
– You’re an iPhone user
– You live in England
– You’re on a regular repeat prescription

If you don’t have an iPhone or live in England, stay tuned. We’ll be making our service available on more platforms and in more areas over the coming months.

I’m in, what next?

Brilliant. All you need to do is join our waiting list. We’ll get in touch when we’re ready for you to use our new service.

P.S. Want to join our team? We’re hiring!

We’re building a better pharmacy
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